Dezember 30, 2012

New autographcards!!

Just a little something before the year is over: We have new, shiny, wonderful autographcards!!!! If you want one give us a message or come to one of our next concerts in 2013!!!! Have a great new year!!!!! And don’t…

Cologne rocks!

We had an awesome time at the RTL-Weihnachtsfeier and GREAT news are waiting to be revealed to you!! So stay tuned and check our site or the facebook-fanpage every once in a while!!!! We are gonna tell you soon!!!!!

New video!!

Hey there. We just shot a fantastic video for you! Click here to watch and like and share it!! We also were in the mood for a funny „Making of…“! Furthermore we had a lovely evening at „Einkaufswelt Dodenhof“ last Friday where…

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